Ethics & Due Diligence

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Ethics and Education requirements

Every year our agents complete a minimum 16 hours of continuing education credit,
including two hours of ethics or professional conduct.  All IRS Registered Tax Return Preparers must initially complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education credit,  including six hours of ethics or professional conduct, and successfully pass several IRS examinations.

What is Due Diligence?

Such a measure of prudence, activity, or assiduity, as is properly to be expected from, and ordinarily exercised by, a reasonable and prudent man under the particular circumstances; not measured by any absolute standard, but depending on the relative facts of the special case.” – Black’s Law Dictionary

Our responsibility as your tax preparer:

A registered tax return preparer may practice before the Internal Revenue Service all matters relating to a taxpayer’s rights, privileges, or liabilities under laws or regulations administered by the IRS. Including taxpayer assistance in preparing documents, filing documents, corresponding and/or communicating with the IRS, rendering written advice, and representing a client at conferences, hearings, and meetings.

A registered agent may prepare and sign tax returns, claims for refund, and other documents for submission to the IRS. A registered agent may represent taxpayers before revenue agents, customer service representatives, or similar officers and employees of the IRS during an examination if the registered agent signed the tax return or claim for refund for the taxable year or period under examination.